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Ultrasonic cleaning machine operation and precautions

Ultrasonic cleaning in Dongguan is the indirect effect of the socialization, acceleration and direct flow of ultrasonic waves on liquid and dirt directly and ultrasonic cleaning, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified and stripped to achieve cleaning purposes. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment adopts the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, which can achieve the overall clean cleaning effect of the object. Especially for deep hole, blind hole and concave groove cleaning, it is the most ideal equipment, which does not affect the material and precision of any object. At the same time, in the experiments of biochemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine, scientific research and colleges and universities, it can be used for extraction, degassing, mixing, cell pulverization and nano-decomposition. So how does the ultrasonic cleaner operate? Today, the automatic cleaning machine manufacturers take everyone to understand the operation method and precautions of the ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. The ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and the electric heater power supply must have good grounding devices.

2. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is forbidden to start when there is no water or solvent in the tank, causing air vibration and causing the vibrator to be scrapped or damaged.

3. The cleaning device with heating system is forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid.

4. It is forbidden to hit the bottom of the cleaning tank with heavy objects (iron pieces) to avoid damage to the energy converter chip.

5, ultrasonic generator power supply should be used alone 220V / 50Hz power supply and equipped with more than 2000W regulator.

6. The bottom of the cleaning tank should be flushed regularly, and there should be no excessive impurities or dirt.

7. Do not put your fingers in the cleaning tank during the operation of the washing machine, otherwise it will feel stinging or discomfort.

8. Each time you change the new liquid, you can wash the parts after the ultrasonic is started.

9. Using clean water or an aqueous solution as a cleaning agent, it is absolutely forbidden to use alcohol, gasoline or any flammable gas as a cleaning agent to be added to the washing machine. The company may not be responsible for fire or explosion.

10. The method of making the ultrasonic cleaning effect the best, the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is preferably 30~50 °C, and the cleaning agent is correctly selected according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are generally classified into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents, and chemical reaction cleaning agents. The water-based cleaning agent is usually used most, and different cleaning time is selected depending on the degree of contamination of the object to be cleaned and the nature of the dirt.

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