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The role of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the auto repair industry

First, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology

Sound waves with a frequency higher than 20KHZ are called ultrasonic waves. The propagation of sound waves is also a way of energy transmission. There are tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in the liquid. When the ultrasonic waves are alternately generated in positive and negative pressures (the alternating frequency is tens of thousands of times per second), these small cavitation nuclei will In the negative pressure zone, it grows rapidly due to the sudden generation of negative pressure, and it will rapidly close and rupture in the positive pressure zone due to the sudden occurrence of the positive zone. This is Ultrasonic Cavitation. Cavitation can concentrate the sound field energy, and with the cavitation bubble collapse, it will release its highly concentrated energy in the tiny space of the liquid, forming an unusual high temperature (> 4000 °C) and high pressure (> 5×107Pa). When the workpiece to be cleaned is immersed in the cleaning solution, the ultrasonic wave acts on the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece with a strong cavitation effect, so it is particularly suitable for a smooth surface which is complicated and porous and cannot be rubbed with a hard object.

Second, the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the application of automotive engine block and parts cleaning, compared with the traditional cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following advantages:

1 . Cleaner more thoroughly

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology shows that this method is very suitable for cleaning the complex shape of the engine cylinder block and cylinder head. If such parts are manually cleaned, there are many parts that are difficult or impossible to clean, and the use of tools can not achieve good cleaning results. The cleaning agent can only dissolve part of the dirt, and it is also incapable of stubborn dirt and dirt inside the parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning method. It is like a small number of small brushes to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the object at the same time, so that the cleaning of the inner surface and the inner hole which cannot be completed by the conventional method can be completed once.

2 . Safe operation and energy saving

Cleaning of small parts is currently done with gasoline or diesel, so the safety factor is very low and it is easy to cause accidents. Ultrasonic technology cleaning uses water-based cleaning agents, and there is no hidden danger.

3 . high working efficiency

Simply disassemble the parts and place them in the wire basket of the washing machine and press the switch. During the cleaning process, the maintenance personnel can do other work.

4 . Low cleaning costs

Due to the high re-use rate of cleaning agents and the low cost of consumables procurement, the cleaning cost is generally only 1 / 3 to 1 / 8 of the traditional cleaning method.

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