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Does the electrostatic precipitator affect the dust removal effect?

The working principle of the electrostatic precipitator: a gas containing dust particles, when a high-voltage electric field is formed between a cathode line (also called a corona pole) connected to a high-voltage DC power source and a grounded anode plate, a corona discharge occurs due to the cathode. The gas is ionized. At this time, the negatively charged gas ions move toward the sun plate under the action of the electric field force, and collide with the dust particles during the movement, so that the dust particles are negatively charged, and the charged dust particles are in the electric field. Under the action of the force, it also moves toward the anode. After reaching the anode, the electrons are released, and the dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and the purified gas is discharged outside the dustproof device.

According to the current domestic common electrostatic precipitator type, it can be roughly divided into the following categories: vertical and horizontal according to the direction of airflow, plate and tube according to the type of sedimentary pole, and dust removal method according to the sediment plate. Divided into dry wet type.

1-anode; 2-cathode; 3-cathode upper 4-anode upper support;

5-insulating support; 6-quartz insulated tube; 7-cathode suspension tube;

8-cathode support frame; 9-top plate; 10-cathode rapping device;

11-anode rapping device; 12-cathode lower frame; 13-anode hanging hammer;

14- outer casing 15 - inlet first distribution plate;

16-Imported second distribution plate 17-outlet distribution plate; 18-ash discharge device

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