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Electrostatic precipitator regular maintenance precautions

Electrostatic precipitator regular maintenance precautions

Electrostatic precipitator is an important part of the working environment of each unit. The dust removal efficiency and service life of electrostatic precipitator directly affect the efficiency and image of the enterprise. Whether the electrostatic precipitator can maintain long-term efficient and stable operation and prolong its service life. Maintenance and maintenance are essential.

(1) Managers should be familiar with the principle, performance, and conditions of use of the dust collector, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.

(2) Mechanical moving parts such as reducer and ash conveying equipment should be oiled and oil changed according to the regulations. If abnormal phenomena are found, they should be eliminated in time.

(3) The oil-water separator in the gas storage tank and the gas source triple joint should be drained once per shift, and the oil-water separator should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. The oil mister should always check the oil storage condition and refuel in time.

(4) If the electromagnetic pulse valve fails, it should be removed in time. If there are impurities or moisture inside, it should be cleaned. If the diaphragm is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

(5) If the timing pulse controller is used, it should be determined periodically whether the cleaning cycle is accurate or it should be adjusted. When using a fixed-resistance pulse controller, the working condition of the pressure switch should be checked regularly, and the pressure measuring port should be blocked and cleaned.

(6) Regularly measure process parameters, such as smoke volume, temperature, concentration, etc., and find abnormalities, and find the cause and deal with it in time.

(7) When starting up, first turn on the compressed air to the gas storage tank, turn on the control power, and start the ash discharge device. If there are other equipment in the system, start the downstream equipment first.

(8) When the machine is stopped, after the process system is stopped, the dust collector and the exhaust fan should be kept working for a period of time. To collect the moisture and dust in the dust removal device, it must be noted that the dust collector must be repeatedly used when the dust collector stops working. Clean the dust (can be manually cleaned) and remove the dust from the dust filter bag to prevent the bag from being affected by moisture.

(9) When stopping the machine, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source. Especially when the fan is working, it is necessary to supply compressed air to the poppet cylinder to ensure that the poppet valve is open.

(10) When the dust collector is in normal operation, the dust discharge device cannot stop working. Otherwise, the dust inside the ash bucket will accumulate so as to overflow into the bag room, forcing the dust collector to stop working.

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