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What are the specific characteristics of electrostatic precipitators?

What are the specific characteristics of electrostatic precipitators?

Compared with other dust removal equipments, electrostatic precipitators have less energy consumption and high dust removal efficiency. They are suitable for removing dust of 0.01-50 μm in flue gas, and can be used in places with high flue gas temperature and high pressure. Practice has shown that the greater the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operating costs of using an electrostatic precipitator.

1. Wide-pitch horizontal electrostatic precipitator technology

HHD wide-pitch horizontal electrostatic precipitator is a scientific research achievement that introduces and draws on foreign advanced technology, combines the characteristics of industrial kiln exhaust gas in various industries in China, and adapts to the increasingly strict emission requirements and WTO market standards. This achievement has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement and other industries.

2. Optimum wide spacing and plate special configuration

The electric field strength and plate current distribution are more uniform, the driving speed can be increased by 1.3 times, and the specific range of the trapping dust is expanded to 10 1 -10 14 Ω-cm, which is especially suitable for a fluidized bed boiler and a new cement dry rotary kiln. High specific resistance dust recovery of exhaust gas such as sintering machine to slow down or eliminate back corona.

3. The overall new RS corona line

The maximum length is up to 15 meters, with low halo voltage, high corona current density, strong steel, never broken, high temperature resistance and heat resistance, combined with top vibrating method for excellent cleaning effect. Corresponding corona wire density is configured according to the dust concentration, so that it can be adapted to dust collection with high dust concentration, and the maximum allowable inlet concentration can reach 1000g/Nm 3 .

4. Corona pole top strong rapping

According to the theory of cleaning, the top of the electrode can be strongly rapping, and both mechanical and electromagnetic options can be used.

5. Yin and Yang pole free hanging

The HHD electrostatic precipitator dust collection system and the corona pole system all adopt a three-dimensional suspension structure. When the exhaust gas temperature is too high, the dust collecting pole and the corona pole will expand and expand in three dimensions, and the dust collecting pole system is specially designed. The heat-resistant steel strip restraint structure makes the HHD electrostatic precipitator have high heat resistance. According to commercial operation, the HHD electric precipitator can withstand up to 390 °C.

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