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Operation and precautions for installing electrostatic precipitator

The installation of electrostatic precipitator accessories is mainly divided into three parts: the installation of the anode plate, the installation of the cathode line and the installation of the rapping system. All electrostatic precipitator fittings should be adjusted before the electric field is hoisted because it cannot be finely adjusted after the electric field is hoisted. Before the electric field is hoisted, the dimensions of each part of the housing should be re-tested. If the difference is found, it should be adjusted.

First, the installation of the anode plate: general electrostatic precipitator suppliers are provided with a plate lifting frame, which can be used for the whole row of lifting. Because the longest plate has more than 15m, it is easy to deform. Before the discharge plate, the flatness of each plate should be checked. When the difference is exceeded, it should be adjusted on the ground. When pairing, the whole row of plates and the plate suspension beams must be arranged vertically. The upper and lower sides should meet the requirements of the drawings, and the bolt direction and gasket position should be noted. The upper and lower end fixing bolts of the plates must be tightened with a torque to tighten the bolts to the specified torque (135 Nm). If the tightening force is not reached, it will affect the vibration transmission effect of the anode plate, affecting the cleaning, and the dust collection efficiency will be reduced when the ash accumulation is serious.

Second, the installation of the cathode wire beam: the cathode wire and the frame are taken on site. After the cathode frame group is paired, all the burrs including the end of the steel pipe must be removed to avoid discharge during the electric dust removal work. The frame tubes at both ends of the cathode frame must be pre-deformed before threading. After threading, the frame tubes at both ends should be pulled down by the tensioner. The flatness of the cathode frame after threading is ≤10 mm and each cathode wire is subjected to a certain tension. If it is found that the individual cathode lines are loose, it is absolutely impossible to use tools to move the cathode lines into S-bends, which should be reworked or cut. Because even if the relaxation of a cathode line will make the entire electric field work abnormally. Since the cathode frame is suspended on the large frame of the electric field entrance and exit end, in order to ensure the distance between the same poles, the suspension frame must be hoisted after the suspension large frame is adjusted in place, and then the pitch screw is adjusted to adjust the limit. After the anode plate and cathode frame are installed, the distance between the poles must be checked to meet the drawing requirements. The size of the different pole spacing will directly affect the boost performance of the electrostatic precipitator. Generally, for every 10 mm increase in the pitch of the poles, the secondary voltage will increase by ΔU2 ≥ 2.5KV. The channels in the electric field of the electrostatic precipitator are connected in parallel, so the narrowing of any one channel will affect the boosting effect of the entire electric field. From the volt-ampere characteristics of the electrostatic precipitator, it can be seen that when the electric field is stunned, a small voltage rise will cause a considerable current increase. Therefore, the limit deviation of the electrostatic precipitator from the pole distance and the different pole distance must be less than ±10mm.

Third, the installation of the rapping system: the accuracy of the installation of the rapping system determines the effect of the entire electric field rapping. If improperly installed, it is easy to cause dust accumulation in the plates and the pole lines, resulting in a smaller electric field current and a lower dust collecting effect. Therefore, the relative position of the rapping hammer and the rapping anvil must be ensured. After the installation, the bolts must be welded to avoid the bolts falling off during the operation of the electrostatic precipitator, which may cause the rapping hammer to fall off, thus affecting the rapping effect. The installation quality of the electrostatic precipitator accessories directly determines whether the electrostatic precipitator can be efficient, stable, and long-term operation, and should be highly valued.

Environmental protection and energy conservation is a major feature of the electrostatic precipitator device. This is what everyone is willing to see. It combines the environmentally friendly and energy-saving design concept advocated by the society. This is a physical and mental experience that greatly enhances the acceptability of the product. It means that it will be accepted and accepted by consumers.

The advanced design concept makes the electrostatic precipitator device greatly promoted and promoted. Every time everyone will have a heated discussion in this session and every communication and discussion is inseparable, which not only promotes the new generation of overclocking, Greatly deepened the investment of funds, making the products popular with the masses.

The current market prospects of electrostatic precipitator devices are very good. Many large, medium and small enterprises will carry out related investment and operation, which makes the development trend of this product have a social development atmosphere, and the vigorous market economy is bound to give Everyone brings a lot of benefits, which is what the majority of consumers are willing to see.

While driving the development of the socialist market economy, the electrostatic precipitator device not only increases the proportion of social personnel, but also effectively stimulates the rapid development of the economy. It is really a good product that has never been seen before. No wonder everyone. This product will be appreciated in this way, and at the same time this sentence is a lot of innovation brought by technology.

The performance of electrostatic precipitators is affected by three factors: dust properties, equipment construction and flue gas flow rate. The specific resistance of dust is an indicator for evaluating conductivity, which has a direct impact on dust removal efficiency. The specific resistance is too low, and it is difficult for the dust particles to remain on the dust collecting electrode, causing it to return to the airflow. If the specific resistance is too high, the dust particles reaching the dust collecting electrode are not easily released, and a voltage gradient is formed between the dust layers to cause local breakdown and discharge. These conditions will cause the dust removal efficiency to drop.

The power supply of the electrostatic precipitator consists of a control box, a step-up transformer and a rectifier. The voltage level of the power supply also has a great influence on the dust removal efficiency. Therefore, the operating voltage of the electrostatic precipitator needs to be maintained at 40 to 75 kV or even 100 kV or more.

Compared with other dust removal equipments, electrostatic precipitators consume less energy and have high dust removal efficiency. They are suitable for removing dust of 0.01-50 μm in flue gas, and can be used in places with high flue gas temperature and high pressure. Practice has shown that the greater the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operating costs used.

The failure of electrostatic precipitator has different performances due to various factors. According to our analysis of maintenance records in recent years, it is found that the failure caused by corona fracture, moisture, improper operation, etc. accounts for about 70%, so strengthen daily life. The maintenance of equipment during work is the basic condition for ensuring the normal operation of the electrostatic precipitator. Electrostatic precipitators and consumable parts should be inspected regularly and replaced in time.

1. In addition to maintenance, when the electrostatic precipitator is used, it should be repaired occasionally (using the process to produce parking opportunities), including: checking whether the cathode line is broken, whether the anode plate is deformed, and whether the anode and cathode suspension points are loose. Check the distribution plate hole for blocking ash, wash the insulating porcelain shaft, check whether the vibrating hammer is detached, check the dust bearing and the rapping transmission device, and the sealing felt at the cathode thermal insulation box is replaced by dust in time. Replace damaged parts and measure equipment grounding resistance.

2. The electrostatic precipitator should be inspected once after 1 year of use. The intermediate repair includes replacing the worn parts, straightening the deformed anode and cathode lines, re-detecting and adjusting the spacing between the anode and the cathode, checking the electronic control part and doing thorough cleaning. However, it is not allowed to flush the inner plate of the electric field with water, and the wire can only be cleaned by dry method.

3. Cathode wire, anode plate and distribution plate are too thick due to various reasons. When it exceeds 5~10MM, it should be continuously rapping. If continuous vibrating is invalid, the high voltage should be cut off for vibration, such as power failure. When the fight still does not work, it is artificially cleaned.

4. Detect the pressure of the electrostatic precipitator so as to keep abreast of the working temperature and pressure of the flue gas. During the use of the equipment, install thermocouples and pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet flue.

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