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ZYBL-C1801 Backlight plate automatic cleaning system
product details
Plastic uptaken tray dust removal+automatic stacking system

The system has stable performance and can operate for 24h every day. The key parts are of imported brand or famous domestic brand. The machine performance is improved, and it also guarantees that the machine cannot have failure after high-speed run for long time.

1、Entirely-new air shower and dust removal system: 360 degrees without dead space, high-efficiency, energy-saving and other characteristics.

2、Support automatic stacking.

3、Substitute the traditional dust removal mode, improve the production efficiency. Reduce the packing labor force by more than half.

The system is connected to the packing room for supporting use. The cleaned products can directly flow into the dust-free room, and the required dust-free environment is reduced by great degree.

Traditional:dust-control---mode:—From,raw material—warehouse—production—package.

ZYBL-C1801 Backlight plate automatic cleaning system

Customized type:

1、Cleaned product: mobile phone backlight plate cleaning(165mm X 80mm X 1mm)

2、Cleaning productivity3000PCS/H

3、In front of and behind the system, there are three reserved positions for loading box buffering respectively. For the entire process, the manipulators are used to complete material taking and packing into box.

4、Effective dust removal width:500mm

5、Cleaning quality: The dust removal cleanness can reach above 99% (non-viscous substance)

6、Equipment power: The maximum power of the whole machine is 3.6kw.

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