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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic precipitators?

First, the advantages of electrostatic precipitator

(1) High purification efficiency, capable of collecting fine dust of 0.01 micron or more. In the design, different operating parameters can be used to meet the required purification efficiency.

(2) The resistance loss is small, generally below 20 mm water column. Compared with the cyclone, even if the power consumption of the power supply unit and the rapping mechanism is considered, the total power consumption is still relatively small.

(3) The operating temperature is allowed to be high. For example, the SHWB type circuit breaker is preferably allowed to operate at a temperature of 250 ° C, and other types are up to 350 to 400 ° C or higher.

(4) The amount of processing gas is large.

(5) The automatic operation control can be fully realized.

Second, the shortcomings of electrostatic precipitator:

(1) The equipment is relatively complicated, requiring high level of equipment transportation and installation and maintenance management.

(2) There is a certain requirement for dust specific resistance, so there is a certain selectivity for dust, and it is impossible to obtain high purification efficiency for all dust.

(3) It is greatly affected by the operating conditions of gas temperature and temperature, and the same kind of dust is operated under different temperature and humidity. The effect obtained is different. Some dusts work well under a certain temperature and humidity, while in another It is almost impossible to use an electrostatic precipitator due to changes in dust resistance at a temperature and humidity.

(4) One-time investment is large, and the horizontal electrostatic precipitator has a large area.

(5) In some enterprises, the practical effect does not meet the design requirements.

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