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How do you need to maintain the electrostatic precipitator?

The function of the electrostatic precipitator is to remove the particulate soot from the flue gas emitted from the burning stove or the oil-fired boiler, thereby greatly reducing the amount of soot discharged into the atmosphere. This is an important environmental protection device for improving environmental pollution and improving air quality. Electrostatic machine is a kind of dust removal equipment that plays a good role in dust removal. It can produce important performance and trend in dust removal. Compared with other types of dust collectors, the electrostatic precipitator uses the lowest energy to separate dust particles. The dust removal efficiency is high, the daily maintenance workload is small, and the operating cost is low.

1: Plate, pole line drive. The pole plate and pole line transmission are composed of rapping hammer, rapping shaft, transmission chain, sprocket, reducer and motor. It is an important means to ensure effective vibrating and cleaning. It should be checked frequently whether the rapping hammer is loose or falling off. Whether the rotation of the rapping shaft and the transmission part is flexible, the action should be reliable, the speed reducer and the motor work normally, and the lubrication of the reducer should be checked regularly to meet the requirements.

2: Polar wire hanging and insulation parts. Insulate the insulator and the insulating sleeve regularly. Clean the surface with a dry cloth and measure the insulation resistance of the high-voltage line with a 2000V shaker. The value should not be less than 100MΩ. Regularly check the cathode hanging, the electric heating system in the pole drive incubator, whether the electric heater works normally, and whether the heating temperature can reach the predetermined value.

3: High voltage power supply. Regularly check whether the high-voltage power supply and rectifier device are working properly, and whether the voltage and current can reach normal values. Ash discharge valve. Regularly check whether the operation of the ash discharge valve is normal, whether the working cycle is the same as the set value, whether there is any foreign material smashing, jamming, whether the valve body and the seal are damaged. Regularly check the operation status of the ash conveying device to check for wear and so on.

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