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Backlight plate automatic cleaning system
product details
Dust removal and cleaning system and advantages

With this reconstruction, we further guarantees our flexibility and professional capability for industrial cleaning technology. We develop, design and manufacture the surface cleaning system. ARN

1、ARN series rotating nozzles are air nozzles with adjusting knob. The rotation speed can be adjusted. Different models have different blowing and removal ranges.

2、The ordinary compressed air enters via the air inlet, is sprayed out from the ports of at both ends of the nozzle. In addition, the spray head rotates at the speed of 600Rpm. The blow-out air flow that rotates obliquely and downwardly is generated, the blow and removal effect of the air flow is greatly strengthened.

1、The rotation speed is adjustable, the air discharged quantity is adjustable.

2、Different models have different blowing and removal ranges.

3、With non-contact dust removal, the product surface will not be scratched.

4、While blowing and dust removal, static electricity is eliminated, the effect is more thorough.

5、The quantity and angle of the air nozzle can be adjusted, the dust width range can be adjusted.

6、There will not be the secondary pollution. Installation, operation and maintenance are very convenient.

7、It can be used for cleaning the pipes or work piece of smaller sizes and areas that cannot be observed with eyes.

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