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Anti-static system
product details
Anti-static system, KEYENCE

Most applicable to large-scope high-speed electrostatic removal or eliminating electrostatic in dust-free environment

1、Eliminating electrostatic while handling the base plate.

2、Prevent foreign matter from adhering to the sheet material.

3、Eliminating electrostatic inside the air blowing and shower room.

4、Dust particle adsorbed by electrostatic

1、ICC electrostatic inspection function is provided, the counter ions can be generated for the product with static electricity.

2、With electrostatic inspection alarm and electrostatic bar abnormality alarm signal, it is assured that the electrostatic eliminator can operate normally.

Through air cleaning or changing the ion generation period, it can meet high-speed electrostatic removal, maintenance-free and other electrostatic countermeasure demands.

For short distance or long distance, large-scope high-speed electrostatic elimination can be conducted.

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