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ZYBL-Y150 Plastic uptaken tray dust remover (standard version)
product details
Introduction to electrostatic dust removal

High-pressure air shower is taken as the core. The electrostatic generating devices are installed at the front and rear parts of the system to eliminate the electrostatic for the product surface. The dust blowing air knife goes through the high-velocity air flow generated by compressed air to conduct effectively blowing and removal for the surface; the surface dust rises and is pushed to the induced draft port; with the negative pressure effect generated by the dust suction machine, the air at the induced draft port and containing dust particles will be exhausted out from the system. The condition that the electrostatic generated during automation and manufacturing adsorbs the dust and foreign matters in environment will be effectively solved. It will guarantee that there will not be quality hidden trouble caused by adsorbed dust, scraps and so on. A great deal of labor force and material can be saved, and the production quality and efficiency can be improved.

Main products:

Electronic, food and medical apparatus tray dust removal equipments; Non-regular customization for surface dust removal equipments for automobile instruments, light house, backlight plate, light guide plate, precision part and so on.

The Company specializes in solving such difficult problems as dust removal, water removal, foreign matter removal, drying, anti-static and so on in manufacturing of enterprises.

ZYBL-Y150 Plastic uptaken tray dust remover (standard version)

Configuration description:

1、Such characteristics as automatic energy-saving monitoring, entirely-new air shower and high-efficiency dust removal.

2、Dust removal rate: Above 98% (non-viscous substance).

3、Automatic counting.

4、Dust efficiency: Up to 2PCS/S.

5、Two operators can finish the dust removal and packing work.

Operation flow: place material manually→energy-saving monitoring→eliminate electrostatic→high-pressure air shower→complete cleaning

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