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Do you know how to reduce the wear and tear of electrostatic precipitators?

No matter what kind of thing, it has been used for a long time in the process of use, more or less there will be wear and tear, but if you can reduce wear as much as possible, you can actually use the product for a longer period of time. Take the dust collector, this is a kind of industrial factory that is currently equipped, which better guarantees normal industrial production. But no matter what kind of electrostatic precipitator you buy, in fact, its price is not cheap. At this time, if you want more affordable and cost-effective, it is undoubtedly necessary to reduce the mechanical wear and tear as much as possible. At this time, do you know how to proceed?

1. To ensure the environmental problems of the equipment, this is a great wear situation for the electrostatic precipitator. In general, we recommend installing and using industrial vacuuming equipment in a ventilated environment. It is also important to ensure good ventilation. Especially in the motor part of the equipment, although many of the equipments use heat-dissipating measures, this is a situation in which the wear can be reduced to a greater extent than the environment. When installing a vacuum cleaner, it is also important to pay attention to the placement. This is often not the case, but it is also a very important aspect.

2, some people may say less use, such wear and tear is naturally a lot less. This statement is not unreasonable, but for the industrial production industry, it is obviously unrealistic to use less or not, because it is not practical to guarantee normal production work, so this is not practical. At this time, the first thing everyone needs to do is to better maintain the vacuum cleaner. Only in this way will the wear and tear be reduced a lot. After each use, we need to clean the equipment, not only the location of the tuyere, but also the location of the dust bucket, which also needs to be cleaned in time. If it is allowed to wash, it is also important to pay attention to draining after washing. This is very important.

3. It is timely to check the electrostatic precipitator. In addition to the usual cleaning, regular inspection is also very important. In general, vacuuming equipment is relatively prone to air leakage. Once such a situation is found, it is necessary to replace the fittings in time. Everyone must not think that they can use it. In fact, this is a waste of resources. Not only does the effect of vacuuming not be good, but it also causes wear and tear of the entire electrostatic precipitator. Fully grasp these aspects, reduce wear and tear as much as possible, and make industrial vacuuming equipment work better.

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